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Tue, 01 September 2020

Use data to keep staff happy

predictive analytics keeping staff happyToday’s customers expect convenient access to services, and for any problems to be solved quickly and easily. If their problems cannot be solved, they may be tempted to blame your service agents, demoralising them and encouraging many to leave.

This could be avoided by predicting and analysing staff frustrations in advance, helping reduce the risk of them taking their experience elsewhere.

Predictive analytics has already proved its worth in customer service by using data to match customers with the right service agents – it helps customers feel their issues are being dealt with properly.

It also helps agents feel more empowered, as they are working on tasks best suited to their skillset. And because they can solve queries faster, agents feel like they’re doing great work. It can be a real morale booster.

Spotting employee stress

The same tools can also predict which employees are thinking of leaving and then suggest how to retain them.

These tools can also identify training opportunities for agents, so you can give agents the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge. The tools can also suggest appropriate rewards for your high-performing staff.

Benefits for all

Reducing staff turnover using predictive analytics and agent matching can help you cut the cost of recruiting, training and on-boarding new agents. You’ll also retain invaluable experience that would take a long time to re-establish - when customers make contact, they’ll get the consistent, knowledgeable and fast service experience they are looking for.

These are the top benefits you can expect from predictive analytics and agent matching:

  • Employees are more loyal, staying with the company longer
  • Long term employees know your customers’ needs and how to meet them 
  • Skills and market knowledge remain in the company
  • Satisfied employees in turn help produce more satisfied customers

To discuss how predictive analytics and agent matching could help re-energise your employees, please get in touch. Michele Biron, Head of Customer Experience, NTT DATA UK

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