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Fri, 20 March 2020

The journey from ‘no-boarding’ to onboarding – Part 3

OnboardingIn this series of posts, NTT DATA is exploring the enablers and opportunities to improve the onboarding experience – through the lens of culture, workplace and technology.

In our previous posts, we have followed Sam – a talented and experienced hire with 5 years of professional experience – who is just starting to work at a new organisation.

Sam has passed her probation and has been working as a new hire for a month. But despite a thorough pre-boarding and induction, she does not want her onboarding experience to stop.

It’s important that new employees are not left to fend for themselves – feeling like a very small fish in a very large pond. Effective onboarding should not end after the initial induction. Companies need to support their new employees over the following weeks and months.

Let's take a look at what the first year of Sam's journey could entail. After all, having an extended onboarding process can make the difference between a productive employee and an empty desk.


Think about activities that instil your culture and ensure new joiners are supported and encouraged to collaborate with their wider network.

Service line sessions, networking events, mentoring schemes and a dedicated 'buddy' programme are just a few of the many ways to help new starters build strong and lasting relationships.

Having a good network and feeling like part of the team will help your employee relax, build confidence and thrive in their role.


Make your work environment a great place to be.

Your physical space should facilitate interaction and teamwork. Remember that a fridge for lunch or a locker for the gym kit goes a long way. The more 'at home' new starters feel, the easier they can assimilate and become part of the team.

Asking new joiners to share their thoughts and ideas for improving the workplace is also a great practice. This approach will not only make new hires feel welcome, but also create a source of inspiration and improvement which will benefit the entire business.


Consider how technology can contribute to the long-lasting engagement.

New joiners often struggle with technical issues during their first few weeks, so it's important to offer fast and efficient support to reduce unnecessary stress.

With an increasing number of young, tech-savvy employees entering your workforce, invest in technology, which fosters collaboration, flexibility and creativity. Ensure that your new starters have the ability to collaborate with colleagues in real time, through easy-to-use meeting experiences and social media-inspired solutions.

Offer remote connectivity and implement smarter working policies that let your employees choose where and how they want to work. Remember that a positive relationship with technology can quickly translate into increased engagement and productivity.

A positive partnership

Throughout this series of posts, we’ve taken an in-depth look into the onboarding experience.

Supporting new joiners – like Sam – from their initial engagement and throughout their first year gives them an opportunity to thrive within their role, and become a key asset to your organisation.

However, there’s still a lot of work ahead. Today's workforce demands a high quality employee experience, but only 12% strongly agree that their organisation does a great job onboarding new employees.

By taking the time to map out your desired onboarding journey, you can create a faster route to productivity that engages your employees and fosters a positive partnership long into the future.


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Bethan Trundley, Justine Healey, Martyna Suchodolska and Natalie Porter are Business Consultants at NTT DATA UK.

The team focuses on employee experience and brings together strong industry experience from various sectors, including Telecoms, Public Services, Insurance and Financial Services.

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