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Tue, 30 January 2024

How a Self-Service DevOps Platform Can Streamline Telcos’s Operations

An Award-Winning Solution With VMO2

Are you struggling to balance delivery speed, operational performance, and user focus? For telecoms firms across the country, your spending will be more scrutinised than ever, and the need to balance the technical realities of the cloud with its business value has become critical. With engineering hours at a premium and cost optimisation central to any company strategy, we know it can be a challenging time.

A self-service DevOps platform could help you and your engineers maximise revenue whilst bringing outgoing costs down. Read on to learn more about this award-winning project.


Accelerating Development and Deployment

VMO2, a leading UK telecoms operator, faced a struggle against long development and deployment cycles. It needed a solution that would help streamline its operations and make its systems more efficient and resilient.

It was looking for a partner to help mature and support a new Google Cloud-based platform to provide business groups with the ability to spin up Google Cloud services and resources on demand. That's where we at NTT DATA stepped in. Drawing from our extensive experience in DevOps tools, we helped to mature and support a solution that was just right for the business's specific needs – taking lead times from four to six months down to under an hour.


Self-Service Platform for Google Cloud Services

The solution was a self-service platform for building Google Cloud services. We took on the challenge with confidence, given our expertise in DevOps tooling such as Terraform, and GitLab. This platform was an accelerator: enabling VM02 to quickly scale up with Google Cloud services in a centrally defined manner.

This platform provides a consistent way for business engineering teams to consume Google Cloud services, working within VMO2’s security policy. This is enabled by a number of self-service pipelines utilising standardised modules and templates to create AI Notebooks, deploy API’s with CloudRun and create BigQuery DataSets for data analysis while being able to share these DataSets securely with other teams and projects. All of this is able to be created with minimal changes by the teams to variables provided to the Terraform CICD pipelines.


Reducing Lead Times To One Hour

Overseeing the second phase of the  of the project, we provided the platform engineering required to mature and support the platform. While VMO2 had already worked with Google for the platform, we brought in a strong focus on the foundation of DevOps to support Google Cloud services in the background.

Our collaboration with VMO2 led to significant improvements in the daily work experience. Deployment lead times to build Google Cloud services have been heavily reduced, enhancing user experience and increasing productivity for engineering.

This partnership with VMO2 has not only transformed their operations but also earned industry recognition. We helped VMO2 win an award for this project, a testament to its commitment to efficiency and optimisation throughout every aspect of the business.


The NTT DATA Difference

NTT DATA is part of the NTT Group, a global leader in information technology and communications, with a $3.6 billion investment in research and development, including ventures like CloudHedge.

Our work with VMO2 is a perfect example of how we use our expertise to help our clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals. So, let's continue to dream big, innovate together, and create a brighter future for all.

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