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Tue, 13 July 2021

Calling all early-stage UK entrepreneurs: NTT DATA Group brings the eAwards to the UK

NTT DATA is built on a culture of innovation. That’s why we continue to push boundaries and explore possibilities for new technologies through various global initiatives. Technology can help to truly transform and improve society. Think about smart healthcare and education, smart cities and the smooth running of government: together they form the nucleus of a safer, happier, more productive, inclusive, and environmentally friendly society.

We are passionate about helping to build a wider ecosystem of innovative businesses, and are always looking to support the next-generation of firms at the forefront of technological change. As part of this, we are looking for UK start-ups to enter the NTT DATA Group eAwards. Run by everis Foundation, part of everis, an NTT DATA company, this competition looks to find the very best early-stage start-ups the UK has to offer.

The Global eAwards are in its twentieth year, running across 11 countries to find start-ups that are leading the way in taking technology to those who need it the most. Last year saw a number of exciting projects take home accolades. For example, Argentina’s Mindcotine, was awarded for its technology that helps change addictive behaviours through digital therapy solutions combining virtual reality, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. Chile’s EcoFuels was also recognised for its portable and scalable equipment that processes plastic waste and transforms it into diesel-type fuels, mitigating the environmental impact of plastic on soil and water.

This is the first year that UK companies are being invited to take part in this prestigious competition. For this year’s eAwards, we are looking for projects based on high-impact, innovative, scalable, sustainable technologies that contribute to improving the quality of life and/or solve environmental problems through digital business models and/or the intensive use of technology. The everis foundation encourages talent that, through technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, promotes quality of life and environmental care. This fantastic work is a core part of NTT DATA’s overarching commitment to create a fairer and more sustainable world, by enabling the success and growth of our first priority: the client.

The winning UK project in the eAwards will receive £10,000 and a mentoring programme. But it doesn’t stop there. They will then represent the UK in the international final of the Global eAwards 2021, with a chance to win a further €60,000 investment and an exclusive acceleration programme, led by experts from the NTT DATA Group.

Innovation through R&D at NTT DATA

At NTT DATA, we’re passionate about building a better world and we truly understand the importance of innovation in helping us achieve this goal.

We are able to support innovation from conception through to fruition, encouraging and facilitating the delivery of transformative technologies to market.

We are always looking for new ways to collaborate and nurture innovation throughout the journey of a business, from supporting pre-revenue start-ups, right through to providing scaling go-to market support for more mature firms. Each partner we work with benefits from NTT DATA’s consultants, technologists and business experts to help bring their propositions to life. For this process in action, look no further than our regular open innovation contests, and of course, the eAwards.

All our work with start-ups is underpinned by the guiding principle known as the #TripleWin: 

  • A win for a start-up partner – access to new solutions, and ability to rapidly scale up with financial support and support of enterprise grade infrastructure.
  • A win for NTT DATA – innovative new products and services enhancing the value we can offer to clients.
  • A win for clients in their industry – benefit from a ‘best of both worlds’ solution, built on scale and focused innovation.

Start-up success and the future of innovation

At NTT DATA we help make ideas a reality and have programmes for every stage of our partners’ journey from inception to scaleup – from the Open Innovation Contest, to the Bento Box programme’s toolset for helping early partnerships start to explore and test their collaborations. The eAwards is a core part of this mission to enable future innovators, and we are delighted that UK early-stage start-ups can now enter the contest.

The road to success for start-ups can be a long one. But the eAwards is a fantastic stepping stone on the journey every business must go on, helping startups’ impactful products and services to reach as many people as possible around the world.

Don’t believe us? Just listen to a testimonial from just one past winner of the eAwards. Cor.Sync from Brazil was recognised in 2020 for its device that provides fast, accurate infection diagnosis – helping hospitals to prevent 7 million deaths worldwide. Founder Raul De Macedo described how the award will help them to “accelerate our clinical trials and start saving lives sooner”.

Ultimately, the eAwards are an opportunity for organisations with solutions as innovative as the ones we have mentioned in this article to gain access to NTT DATA’s world-renowned expertise and funding to help expand to the next level.

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