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Mon, 17 April 2023

Acceleration through alliances

NTT DATA continues to invest in strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors.

Delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients is always at the centre of what we do at NTT DATA. No matter where organisations are on their digital transformation journey – whether implementing, supporting or managing technologies – our strategic partnerships with industry leaders enable us accelerate value for our clients.


Innovation through partnership

As the needs of businesses continue to evolve, and more digital transformation projects are executed, business leaders are searching for solutions that bring together best-of-breed vendors, with expert consultancy and execution.

Through the pandemic, enterprises worldwide turned to cloud adoption, with some reports stating that in 2020 alone 61% of businesses migrated to the cloud. This massive shift created a fresh demand for implementation and management. Alongside this, the proliferation of cyber risks has caused increased demand for cybersecurity technologies and the emergence of artificial intelligence has seen an ever growing need for data and intelligence implementations.

Digital transformation agendas are still on an upward trend, and at NTT DATA we are continually building on our strategic alliance portfolio, building deep relationships by industry supported by world-class, dedicated capability.

Just recently we announced the extension of our partnership with Google Cloud which enables us to strengthen our multi-cloud capabilities and produce even greater value for our customers. Working with Google Cloud extends our cross-industry expertise and enables us to deliver even greater innovation. We’re very much aligned in our approaches to R&D and leading-edge technology, so this partnership ensures our clients are also kept at the forefront.

Providing competitive tools for success

To meet the evolving nature of customer demands, organisations need to explore emerging technologies while also boosting cost efficiencies. Through our growing strategic alliances - including Swimlane and Neptune – we have been building our expertise and creating solutions for our clients to ensure our cross-industry services are unrivalled.

We recently partnered with the leader in low-code security automation, Swimlane, to help organisations better address compliance and regulatory requirements. By working together on our cross-vertical alliance, we can offer modern security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions to trades including Retail, Healthcare, Public Sector and Financial Services.

As we deliver on our agenda to invest in SAP-centric development, we have also recently partnered with Neptune – the leading low-code platform. NTT DATA customers will now have access to this powerful solution for creating their own app factory and optimising business processes. 

Through these powerful partnerships, NTT DATA offers businesses individualised tools to leverage the world’s most advanced technologies, while scaling on demand.

Comprehensive solutions

While long-term strategic implementations are imperative, it’s also key in today’s rapidly moving world that organisations are able to be nimble. The development of our Bento Box programme offers agility through all-encompassing and ready-to-go solutions to accelerate our client’s digital agendas.

NTT DATA clients can instantly access fast-paced change and therefore rapidly monetise their market-leading ideas through our no-fuss onboarding and reliable platform management.

Choosing the right provider

NTT DATA understands that every organisation is different, and we are focused on delivering the best outcomes that are tailored to your business. No matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help design a unique approach that works for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can benefit from our market leading expertise alongside our strategic partnerships, get in touch today.

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