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Wed, 08 November 2023

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with Auto-Discovery

Delivering Return on Investment for Financial Services Firms

Every financial services firm needs to modernise. But to modernise, businesses need to be able to track what's going on in their organisation from one day to the next. Where are your applications? How advanced is your infrastructure? Working this out manually takes a lot of time, and let's face it - time is money.

Picture the scene: A European financial services firm, three years into a cloud-first strategy, yet progress has stalled. Despite having a team dedicated to cloud capabilities, everyone in the organisation was too busy with their day-to-day jobs to move the project forward. That’s where Auto-Discovery comes in.


What is Auto-Discovery?

At said financial services firm, we quickly identified its biggest problem - a lack of available time from the people who knew the ins and outs of the project. Understanding the current state of play is crucial to any transformation project. Without this information, you're navigating blind. To help it overcome this challenge and accelerate its Google Cloud journey, we took a different approach: creating the Auto-Discovery solution.

Traditional methods of assessment were too manual and too time-consuming. So, we partnered with CloudHedge to use their Auto-Discovery tool, Omnideq, to connect with the company’s infrastructure and determine the application structure. The business is still at the beginning of its journey with the Auto-Discovery solution, but it will enable faster and better-planned cloud migration.

It’s not just about migration, either. The results speak for themselves. For a European payments processing client, we were able to use this technology to save it 200,000+ manual hours of work and cut its time to modernise applications by two-thirds.


Combining Technology and Consulting

Auto-Discovery combines the best of technology and consulting. We use Omnideq to deliver auto-discovery at scale, aiming to save our clients countless engineering hours and deliver an impressive return on investment. But that’s not where it ends.

We also provide consultation to understand the business value of moving to the cloud. What would the target total cost of ownership be? Could this move deliver on their strategic imperative?

Strategic imperatives always come first, and any migration strategy has to fit under the broader business goals. Understanding how to dovetail strategies together is what sets NTT DATA apart.


The NTT DATA Difference

NTT DATA is part of the NTT Group, a global leader in information technology and communications, with a $3.6 billion investment in research and development, including ventures like CloudHedge.

That means we have the experience, the expertise, and the innovative solutions to help businesses navigate their cloud migration journey. Our Auto-Discovery tool can be deployed for any organisation, in any industry. It's not just about saving time and person-hours but about leveraging new technologies to face new challenges.


The Future of Digital Transformation

As we look to the future, we're excited about the possibilities Google Cloud can provide. To that end, we're hosting a event to share our insights and learnings, and we would love for you to join us.

Whether you're a CIO, CTO, Transformation Leader, or Programme Manager, this event has something for you. It's time to consider your options, weigh up the solutions, and take the next step in your digital transformation journey.


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