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Transforming cost for growth.

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In today's rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, most organisations are in the midst of a digital transformation journey. In this fiercely competitive market, telcos aren't merely striving to survive but aiming to thrive.

As telcos navigate complex transformation projects,  they face significant challenges, including shifting economic dynamics, rising customer demands for high-speed, data-intensive services, and growing energy costs. These challenges are further exacerbated by limitations in consumer economics, making it difficult for telcos to adjust pricing structures to match their operational expenses.

In this demanding environment, telcos must optimise their operations, maximise their return on network upgrades, enhance customer satisfaction, and solidify their position as industry leaders.

Unlock efficiency and save through a structured, holistic programme

Telcos will not achieve the necessary results through ad hoc actions. There needs to be a coordinated, strategically managed approach. An approach that provides the structure, discipline, resources, skills, tools, teamwork and accountability of a Cost Transformation Programme to drive the process and yield the outcomes over the short and long term.

NTT DATA is already working with telcos to identify and deliver multi-million-pound savings across key domains: network infrastructure, cloud modernisation and delivery optimisation.  Our Cost Transformation Programme combines a proven framework with the latest platforms, accelerators and technology underpinned by Open AI to facilitate change and adoption activities. Key to the success of the programme is the Cost Transformation Office  which directs and manages the strategic delivery of agreed initiatives to achieve the cost transformation objectives over a period, enabling telco's to achieve and realise desired benefits.

Cost Transformation

“We partner with Telcos to identify and define the materiality of the factors driving costs to prioritise cost transformation and reduce spend”

Outcomes from Cost Transformation*

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Contact Centres – 20% Efficiency Target

We analyse the data to see the impact on the cost base whether it is volume of calls or lack of first time resolution. Strategic actions are based on these insights.

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Network Performance – 20% Annualised Savings

We help you to optimise current platforms and decommission legacy. Opportunities to to move HFC to fibre are identified.

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IT & Data Optimisation – 20-30% Cost Savings

We identify and target network assurance initiatives and implement asset inventory capability. Shadow IT is reduced and legacy IT estate is modernised.

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Operating Model – Up to 30% Cost Savings

We partner to define long term strategy alignment with a new operating model. Organisational structures are simplified and integrated and business readiness and change facilitated.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation – 15-30% Cost Savings

By embedding simplification and automation as part of culture, we help accelerate adoption of key digital projects.

* 5 of 8 core areas represented with cost savings estimated based on work with telco clients. 

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For telcos who are trying to transform cost and deliver benefits with a structured approach, we provide a 45-minute complimentary strategy session to assess the areas with the greatest impact and how to get a fast-start.

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