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Fri, 26 June 2020

Is looking for work a full-time job? Advice for graduates

To some it may be considered a bit of an old cliche and to others, it’ll ring true. I personally think it’s a good mentality to adopt but that doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in front of a computer 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday.

Here are some tips for Graduates that are entering the job market:

Find a routine that works for you

Don't feel guilty if you are not spending 10 hours a day applying for roles but do find a routine that works for you and stick to it. For example, you may prefer to do research-based activities in the morning and build up to taking phone calls/video calls in the afternoon or perhaps you may like to organise your calls for the morning whilst you're feeling fresh and spend the afternoon researching, applying and preparing.

Having a structure to your day will help boost your productivity and it's a good idea to set yourself mini targets throughout the day to track your progress and build momentum.

Get organised and preparation will be vital

Consider creating a tracker on Excel with all of your applications including the point of contact for each role, the current status of your applications, and add a column for your own feedback. It’s always a good idea to immediately jot down your reactions and the pros & cons after an interview whilst it is still fresh in your mind.

These skills will have been developed during academic studies so it’s a great chance to put them into practice.It may also be worth checking out the App Store as there are some great apps available that help with planning, organisation and to-do lists.Life goes on Set aside time to socialise, relax and pursue your hobbies and interests. It’ll be even better if your hobbies and interests are related to your chosen career and are adding value to your CV (volunteering, building your own website, taking online courses etc).

As with studying for exams, you enjoy the breaks so much more when you know that the hard yards are in bank. Please keep an eye out for more tips from NTT DATA UK soon!

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