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Environmental Policy

ISO 14001 - UK Environmental Policy

NTT DATA UK is a leading provider of consultancy services in strategy and business process, IT/communications systems, networks and outsourcing of software and business services.

NTT DATA UK is committed to environmental best practice and the continued improvement of our environmental performance.

This Policy Statement sets out NTT DATA UK’s commitment to:

  • Meeting, and where appropriate, exceeding international legislations, regulatory codes of practice, and complying with statutory and contractual requirements.
  • Recognising the need to protect the environment by moving towards an environmentally sustainable future and promoting this imperative with our clients.
  • Instituting and promoting recycling programs within our offices to limit our use of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable.
  • Fostering and promoting the environmental awareness of our staff through ongoing training.
  • Applying sound environmental practices through all of our projects where practicable.
  • Reducing negative impacts of our operation through proactive waste avoidance, waste reduction, re-use and recycling initiatives, and avoiding pollution.
  • Utilising service/equipment/resource material providers who demonstrate a proactive approach to ecological sustainability throughout their business.

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