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The City Gives Back project

Our commitment to inclusion & diversity

Learn how we have created a culture of equality in our workplace

We believe that…

  • NTT DATA leverages information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.
  • To successfully deliver this undertaking, it is essential that we have a diverse workforce that stem from a wide variety of cultures - people who think differently to the pack.
  • We actively attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent in our family which already includes any gender, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+, religion, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity.
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A new perspective for Telcos operators, and new opportunities

To ensure we all have a chance to flourish, we need to embrace and celebrate the many unique qualities everyone brings to the workplace.

Fernando Apezteguia
Chief Executive Officer

LGBT+ and Allies Network

Our LGBT+ and Allies Network welcomes people of all sexual orientations and genders, and is enthusiastically supported by our Allies. We also sponsor Stonewall and are gold sponsors of Pride in the City.

Women’s Business Network (WBN)

Our  WBN  Forum  strives to champion the business success of NTT DATA UK’s women, as well as provide opportunities  for them to connect. Improving our gender balance is a major goal, which is why we support the valuable work of the 30% Club.

Culture and Ethnicity Network (CEN)

We have always celebrated the cultural and ethnic diversity of our employees at NTT DATA UK, but the CEN takes this a step further.  We want to ensure everyone feels included and engaged by raising awareness, educating, and proactively championing the ethnic minority inclusion and progression agenda.

Mental Wellbeing

Our  Mental  Wellbeing Forum  provides  initiatives  that promote employee wellbeing and  strives to  create  a supportive environment  for  employees  to  turn to when they need help.


With an estimated 1 in 7 people (in the UK) being neurodivergent, neurodiversity touches many of us directly and indirectly. We aim to encourage a more inclusive workplace while raising awareness, educating, championing and allowing the best environment for both neurodiverse and neurotypical staff to excel and flourish.


Partners and Charities

The IDC Women in Tech Series: Several approaches are required to build diversity

The IDC Market Note is part of a series that analyses companies that have had successes in their strategies to promote a gender balance. Despite many years of effort and investment, the participation of women in technology-related roles in Europe remains at 17%.



Financial times Diversity Leader

100 Selection Prime

Race at Work Charter

Work With Pride

Women in STEM

We participate in and support TECHNOVATION, a leading initiative for training future generations of women in the STEM industry.

In this global competition, young women participate alongside professional NTT DATA mentors with the overarching aim of increasing female representation in technology and inspiring young women to become future leaders and innovators.

Tech Academy

The central idea behind the Tech Academy initiative is that it is open to everyone. We are not looking for participants to have any prior qualifications – that’s what the Academy is for. Through a combination of digital and face-to-face teaching from specialists, we enhance passion, ambition and skill.



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Our Forum Heads

Profile picture of Natasha Timarac, Rewards Manager at NTT DATA UK
Natasha Timarac
Rewards Manager

Natasha is leading our Culture & Ethnicity Forum

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Profile picture of Kate Daniels, Profile Director at NTT DATA UK
Kate Daniels
Portfolio Director

Kate is leading our Women’s Business network Forum.

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Profile picture of Gareth Lewis-Jones, the Head of Business Consulting at NTT DATA UK
Gareth Lewis-Jones
Head of Business Consulting

Gareth coaches clients through radical transformation and leads our LGBT+ and Allies Network.

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Profile picture of Chris Carter, Head of Reward
Chris Carter
Head of Reward

Chris is leading our Mental Wellbeing Forum.

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Profile picture of Joulie Gindi, Associate Director, Data & Intelligence at NTT DATA UK
Joulie Gindi
Associate Director, Data & Intelligence

Joulie is leading our Neurodiversity Forum

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