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Putting the intelligence into case management

Case Management solutions come in different flavours but can yield some common pain points. These start with case capture because end user engagement offers a poor multi-channel experience. Case detection algorithms often yield a high rate of false positives or false negatives. Issues for agents can include too many ‘alerts’ to deal with, time-wasting searches, little trust in the data and complex training needs. The consequences are customers reporting a case often get a delayed or even no response and where cases are detected rather than reported, detection rates based on simplistic rules are low.

Our Intelligent Case Management Centre of Excellence cuts though these issues, delivering tailored, solutions that boost case management productivity and provide excellent customer experiences. Bringing together domain experts, solution blueprints and partnerships with leading technology vendors, our Intelligent Case Management Centre of Excellence supports three types of solutions to meet your needs:

Our Centre of Excellence can build the solution you need

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Intelligent Fulfilment

manage complex multi-stage service requests and meet customer demand efficiently

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Intelligent Operations

manage and correct faults and errors to ensure smooth running of operations

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Intelligent Fraud and Error reduction

counter fraud and protect revenue

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Our capabilities, your benefits

Whether you want us to work across the case lifecycle or improve just a few areas, we can take on your challenges and produce the benefits you need.

Typical solution components include:

Intelligent case capture

  • Coordinate cases reported from multiple channels

Intelligent case detection

  • Detect problem cases automatically using advanced AI techniques

Intelligent case handling

  • Send each case to the best agent for the job and prioritise effectively.

Intelligent investigation

  • Give the investigator the best information to resolve the case

Intelligent action

  • Prioritise cases for further action; presenting the relevant information to direct specific enforcement action for example.


Our Centre of Excellence is designed to boost your productivity - more cases evaluated; more accurate prioritisation; faster investigations; better focused action; more flexibility to respond to events.  

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Bill Wilson
Head of Data and Sustainability Solutions

Bill is a multi-disciplinary technology leader with deep expertise in data and analytics technology.


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