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Building the Lean Enterprise

Intelligent automation

At NTT DATA we use intelligent automation to help companies lower their operational costs and to remain competitive. Our Robotic Process Automation services help companies increase efficiency, speed and accuracy of their business processes. By automating routine and repeatable tasks, we can support your workforce to think more creatively and deliver better value and consistent quality to your customers. We have a holistic approach and a proven automation framework to help you all along your automation journey.

Kaizen (Continuous improvement)

Companies have a constant pressure to improve efficiency and to deliver higher strategic value. In this dynamic landscape, we help companies embrace technology to improve productivity and to reduce costs. At NTT Data we use lean approach and DevOps framework to foster a culture of continuous improvement, to help companies optimise their processes and achieve efficiencies. We help companies develop an agile culture to plan and manage the technology changes as well as business transformation.

Data-driven decisions

Businesses today need to be agile in every sense to go to market quickly, to learn and to adapt, to deliver the best experience to their customers. We help companies adopt agile ways of thinking with focus on communication and collaboration. At NTT DATA we use our “Discover, Visualise and Optimise” approach to help companies develop single source of truth for data and generate actionable insights. We help companies make more informed decisions and prioritise decisions that deliver the business benefits.

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