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Fri, 18 June 2021

Virtual reality in Financial Services: a new Branch concept

It was a few years ago when we had the opportunity to create a new experience in Banking using virtual reality.It was a whole new Branch space where a customer got access just using VR glasses and a smartphone. A place where seeing the customer's accounts from different entities, transactions by period, expenses by categories (PFM integrated), and other use cases using voice commands to enjoy the experience, with additional options to customize the layout and make it more friendly.

That was the beginning of a disruptive approach in Banking that now is moving to live implementations targeting additional use cases leveraging 5G and using more advanced VR devices that help to deliver an improved experience with higher quality.

While the circumstances around interaction patterns may have changed, the relationship between branch staff and customers can be improved even more, and communication is key to nurturing this relationship in a remote banking context. VR has arrived to help in this journey and revolutionise the way we do banking.

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