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Wed, 06 May 2020

Our marathon to recovery

This article by Esquire was written in the 1st week of UK lockdown. I reread it earlier this week, week 7 of lockdown, and the first positive I see is that this article predicted ‘the peak’ to be around month three. We now know that we’re past that peak and it is early May. I bet you are just as keen as I am to see what the government’s plan will include, what the road map to our #NextNormal will look like.

At NTT DATA UK&I, we are making our own plans too. Protecting the health of our employees, clients and partners remains of utmost importance. This includes both physical and mental health. With this as our base-line and following government regulations, we are shaping a future in which we can continue to deliver our outstanding level of client services and ensure ongoing productivity.

We are not in a hurry to get back to the office and won’t do so unless we are certain that it is safe. Our focus right now is on making sure that the company continues to grow and that we’ll be in good shape shortly to hire new people. NTT DATA UK&I is strong in its ability to adapt to the market changes and to help our clients overcome the new challenge we are facing. Operational efficiency, digital transformation through technology, new productive models leveraging worldwide capabilities, are the challenges where we can help our clients during these uncertain times.

#Coronavirus, Covid-19, and our journey to recovery is going to be a marathon. It is and will be a tough time for everyone for a while. With continued clear, honest and transparent communication and by being consistent and human, we will get through this together. As this Esquire article concludes -  “we are resilient. Coronavirus will bring about a revolution in the way that Britain lives and works…. [but perhaps] not quite this quickly. The test for our society is how we look after those who lose out once society reorders itself.” We are all adapting to this #NextNormal as good as we can, and our virtual door is always open for you – NTT DATA UK&I people, clients, partners and friends & family

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