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Tue, 18 February 2020

AI for Social Good. What kind of smart society do we want?

Last week I attended a Databeers LDN meetup session.

DataBeers is a non-profit community which promotes data science and research around the world (in more than 28 cities).In this branded edition the Vodafone data science team presented some of their initiatives. They are working on energy consumption efficiency, smart retail optimisation, application adoption analysis and other hot topics for Telco Industry. But for me, the most relevant talk of the event was the Malaria epidemiology analysis that they do pro-bono.

AI for good and a better society needs to be a must and we need to force it. But how can we require companies to do at least one data project for good as a social contribution? Why not? What kind of advanced society do we want to become?

These were my thoughts following the session and they were not only mine, as there were some interesting conversations had after the talks, of course with a beer.

Let’s try to think about how we could help as a tech community to make this happen. Let's use AI for social good!

Thankfully I am not alone. There are several initiatives out there which are aiming at using AI for Good: 

UK initiative founded by Kriti Sharma

Focused on Sustainable Development Goals - Lead by the United Nations

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