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Cloud Hosting & API (Application Programmable Interface) Integration

NTT DATA offers a full range of Cloud Hosting Services across all cloud infrastructures – private, public and hybrid. This flexibility enables organisations to match their cloud configuration to their application needs, including secure private clouds with customer service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure maximum availability of mission-critical applications. Unlike some other cloud hosting providers, NTT DATA supports the full lifecycle of cloud needs, including advisory, process design, integration and technical design, implementation, migration, custom development, and ongoing management. This holistic approach ensures that your migration to the cloud is smooth and seamless.

More hosting options to suit your needs

Freedom of choice is one of the driving forces behind the move to the cloud, and few hosting providers offer the range of choices available to NTT DATA clients. We support all three primary cloud models – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – and we can help you seamlessly migrate to whichever model makes the best sense for each application. With NTT DATA, you also have a single hosting provider that offers all infrastructure models, as well as multiple data centres with full data replication and disaster recovery capabilities. This gives you the freedom to have a customised cloud implementation – with applications hosted in public, private or hybrid environments based on your specific business and security priorities – while benefiting from the convenience and control of one-stop shopping.  Our capabilities include:

  • Global cloud infrastructure with over 50 data centres connected via a Tier 1 network
  • Vendor-agnostic hosting of client- or NTT DATA-developed applications in our secure private cloud
  • Mission-critical applications hosting with custom SLAs
  • A platform for delivering NTT DATA software development lifecycle (SDLC) services
  • Commercial software solutions hosting and licensing for SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, Lawson, and more
  • Client-developed or commercial SaaS hosting

Taking our cloud capabilities further we offer a fully flexible CoE for API and Integration. Both small and large companies can now maximise their true potential by surfacing their data via a cloud-based API and Integration layer making data usage simple, easy and very intuitive. Our experience in the use of API’s (Application Programmable Interfaces) and Integration capabilities offer our clients a unique combination of services which help them create end-points for their data which both internal and external clients can subscribe to. Our development teams specialise in both point-to-point integrations and specialist Integration software packages to be truly flexible.

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